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An Easter "Hat Trick" 

In a time when so many long for the good old days, Goodie-licious presents a retro Easter Bonnet Cake that is sure to please the whole family, offering a combination of three cake flavors is one scrumptious, old-fashioned straw hat. Surely this a certified “hat trick.”

The brim is a 2-layer Carrot Cake, most appropriate for the holiday. The crown is fashioned from Italian Cream Cake with a Berry Patch Buttercream Filling. Rounding off the top is a layer Chocolate -Caramel cake pop filling.

This most unusual confection can be delivered to your home for the holiday. Phone 321-305-2821 to order. Easter is coming early this year on April 4th, so do not miss the deadline, Sunday, March 28th. to ensure a pre-holiday delivery. This delightful treat is priced at $50 including delivery to most of Brevard.