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Christmas Creche Cake ~ Joy to the World 

What would Christmas be without a bit of eggnog? This creamy seasonal libation plays a leading role in this year’s Christmas cake from Goodie-licious Custom Baking. Fresh from the kitchen and not from a carton, the “liquid gold,” laced with Jamaican rum and fresh-grated nutmeg, is the star of a luscious three-layer cake filled with triple-berry buttercream. It is wrapped in butter-rum frosting in a holiday motif, but the main attraction is on top:                                                                                  a white chocolate trio of Mary, Joseph, and the Baby Jesus, nestled in a manger on a floor of coconut “hay,” that gives this work of art its name:

                                                       “Christmas Creche Cake ~ Joy to the World.”

Like all of the Goodie-licious products, this one is truly a labor of love, well-suited to share with family and friends and serve as a centerpiece for celebration on this very special holiday. It is a substantial 10-inch, 3-layer cake; serves 15-20, and is priced at $50. 

To make this creation a part of your holiday festivities phone Goodie-licious 321-305-2821 and it will be delivered free of charge to your home in the greater Melbourne area. Deadline for ordering is Sunday, December 20th.